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About Sonya

Sonya Elizabeth

'Life got in the way of painting but I'm back and making up for lost time'.

Through my work I want to spread joy into other people's lives.
My abstract floral creations are filled with colour and movement  which reflect my positive outlook on life. It is my hope that each creation will bring a daily burst of joy and colour to those who see it. 

After studying and then working as a professional photographer,  I fell into non art related office roles and then raising a family however one rainy summer's day in 2018, whilst amusing 3 small children I picked up a paintbrush again. Once I started painting I couldn't stop and interest in my work lead me to launch in October 2018.

Each one of my artworks is inspired by the colours, tones and beauty I see around me be it in parks, open spaces or the gardens around my home in North London and further beyond. I take the shapes and colours home with me and once in my London kitchen/studio they flow out on to canvas and paper. The kitchen is full of tea, paint, flowers, food and joy.

My impatient nature (and having small children) makes acrylic paint the perfect choice for me. The paint dries quickly enough that I am able to work freely to layer the paint and create pattern, colour and different effects. I also experiment with different media particularly for mark making.

Where possible, I try to upcycle unloved canvases making my work more sustainable.

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"I am blown away with my Sonya Elizabeth painting. The mix of colours are fantastic.  I picked it for my daughter’s bedroom and it really brings the room to life.  She says it’s the prettiest thing in her room - even better than her bunk beds!"

Nicole G, England


“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.”

Wassily Kandinsky